I'm Nicola and this is my website!

Looking for a FPV drone pilot?

I started flying drones in 2015 and thanks to all the experience I have accumulated over the years I can define myself as an expert in piloting, assembling and repairing drones. 

I am available as a pilot and offer my expertise, experience, skills and gear

For any question contact me. I will answer back as soon as possible.

Information about me that you may want to know

I speak Italian or English;

I am a certified A1/A3 and A2 UAS operator;

I am part of the HEBU pilot team (hebu-shop.ch);

I live in Ticino, Switzerland (Mendrisiotto);

I own a lot of equipment that allows me to operate in most cases.

Some of my drones

Potential of FPV drones

Looking for a photographer or videomaker?

I make photo & videos. The service I offer lends itself to creating multimedia content that can be used on social media, websites, for advertising purposes, as a keepsake or anything else.

For any question contact me. I will be happy to answer you back as soon as possible.

Curious about my gear?

My main camera is the Sony Alpha 6700, I also have the Alpha 6300;

I have several GoPro's with a lot of accessories;

I have microphones, gimbal, external monitors, ...;

I have the tiny Insta GO2 and

I have a lot of creativity :)

A few shots I took

Some videos I made

Other services I provide

I am also available to offer the following services:

- Drone mapping

- Aerial inspections

- Building or repairing FPV drones

- Creating simple webpages like mine

- Demo or flight school for FPV drones

- Design and 3D print parts with FDM or resin printers

- Design and implementation of custom electronic projects 

For any question or if you think I am the person you are looking for, please contact me

I will answer back as soon as possible.

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